Annual, Capital, Major Gifts, Endowment Campaigns

Annual funds are the bread and butter of non-profits, the difference between a balanced budget and a deficit. We can help you build your gift table and strategize the right components to include: face to face solicitation, direct mail, phone appeals, web appeals, sponsorships and grants, then help you create appropriate materials and strategies and implement each step.

Capital, Major Gifts and Endowment Campaigns don’t come along every day, but when they do, there are critical planning steps to take. Increasingly, non-profits are planning and implementing ‘comprehensive campaigns’ which address a wide range of needs and present prospects and donors with a broad range of giving opportunities and vehicles. From the internal assessment to the feasibility study through campaign implementation, Whitcomb Associates can provide the guidance you need.

Feasibility Studies Would you build a house without knowing the cost of materials, financing details, or the construction timeline? Feasibility studies are your chance to ‘test the waters’ and determine whether what you would like to achieve – new or updated buildings, scholarship endowment, patient care funds, program support or any of a myriad of other needs – is possible. Whitcomb Associates has a proven track record conducting feasibility studies that lead to accurate campaign projections, volunteer leadership identification and key donor prospects.

Strategic Planning for Development

Development Programs Development programs come in all shapes and sizes, from one-person to multi-person shops. Whitcomb Associates can help you develop your program from scratch, help you re-tool existing programs, and/or help you create and implement effective plans for growth.

Internal Assessments/Development Audits Do you think your development operation could be better, but you just aren’t sure how? Whitcomb Associates can help you assess every aspect of your development operation – staffing, budgeting, data collection and management, the yearly calendar, gift tables, donor appeals and much more – and help you improve your results.

Staff & Board Retreats Strategic planning cannot happen in a vacuum. It needs the best input possible from knowledgeable staff and volunteers. Whitcomb Associates can assist with strategic planning retreats for staff, board or a combination to help you set the right course for the future.

Staff & Board Development Working smarter, not harder is critical in today’s society and all its pressures. Whether you are seeking coaching for individual staff members or the entire team, looking for board members or want to improve their skills, Whitcomb Associates can provide meaningful, cost-effective solutions.

Recruitment of Volunteers Did you know that every volunteer hour provided to your non-profit saves you more than $20 per hour in expense? Volunteers can make or break your events, donor mailings, research and a wide variety of other activities at your nonprofit. Let us help you quantify the kinds of volunteers you need, create job descriptions and identify people to fulfill your needs.

Speaking and Lecturing Whether you want to learn more about voluntarism, fundraising basics, how to motivate volunteers, or other aspects of nonprofit management and operations, Whitcomb Associates can provide the presentations you need.

Planning and Implementation Tools

Fundraising Training for Staff and Volunteers Do professional athletes succeed because of their natural talent? Or do they need to practice their skills? We believe practice is the key to success in cultivation and solicitation of prospects and donors. Our success speaks for itself, we can teach you how to make approaches that will lead to engagement and investment from your donors and prospects.

Market Research Do you know who your competition is? Do you know the best practices in your field? Market trends? Whitcomb Associates can construct e-surveys to gather information from your constituents, and/or provide turnkey research or teach your staff and volunteers how and where to look for this critical planning information.

Prospect Research – Individuals What do you know about your donors? Your prospects? Are they married, single, home owners, renters, high net worth or just barely getting by. The more you know about your prospects, the more effective your strategies will be. Let Whitcomb Associates build upon your existing information and data to maximize your potential.

Prospect Research – Foundation Sources Foundation’s asset bases have come back strongly since the 2007 recession. But it takes skill and tenacity to approach and secure their support. Whitcomb Associates can help you learn to identify your best prospects and learn how to qualify them for best results.

Proposal Writing Proposal writing is both an art and a science. How do you explain who you are, what you are doing and how that is making a difference? What are the best ways to communicate with grant prospects? Let Whitcomb Associates show you how to hone your skills.

Events Planning and Implementation Silent and live auctions can be great revenue enhancers as part of your annual fundraiser. Whether you choose black tie or casual affairs, Whitcomb Associates can help you identify venues, entertainment, food and decorations; identify and recruit committees; build your invitation lists; and solicit items for auctions and raffles.


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